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Our Services

Underwater hull cleaning

Underwater patching, plugging and blanking

Underwater propeller cleaning and polishing (Rupert A)

Sea chest gratings, internal cleaning, Entanglement Removal

Inspection and Class Surveys (IWS / UWILD)

Thruster polishing and cleaning

Underwater propeller blades trimming

Underwater hydro jetting

Underwater still photos and CCTV

Speed log transducer and other hull sensor replacement

Underwater repairs including cutting and welding

Salvage: Anchor search, side scan sonar and recovery

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Case Studies

The Importance of Underwater Inspections
The need for underwater inspections can be critical. The main objective of these inspections is gathering visual evidence for any damage including cracks, water seepage, or a complete collapse of the surface. If these defects go undetected and unresolved, it may lead to catastrophic outcomes. Inspections can be done at regular intervals to keep in [...]
The Guidelines for the control and management of ships' biofouling to minimize the transfer of invasive aquatic species (Biofouling Guidelines) (resolution MEPC.207(62)) are intended to provide a globally consistent approach to the management of biofouling, which is the accumulation of various aquatic organisms on ships’ hulls. They were adopted by the Marine Environment Protection Committee [...]