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The Importance of Underwater Inspections

The need for underwater inspections can be critical. The main objective of these inspections is gathering visual evidence for any damage including cracks, water seepage, or a complete collapse of the surface. If these defects go undetected and unresolved, it may lead to catastrophic outcomes. Inspections can be done at regular intervals to keep in check any damage caused. Or it is also done after an event like a flood, high waters, earthquakes, etc. Government has laws in place that make it mandatory to perform inspections on certain critical underwater structures so as to avoid any damage to the structure or in the worst-case scenario, the loss of life.

The commercial diving expertise required for carrying out these inspections is crucial. Any diver that is used for this task has to be certified by the Association of Dive Contractor International (ADCI). Typically, the diving teams are used in the formation of three. The first diver enters the water and performs the inspection, the second one is kept on standby for any emergency purposes and the third is monitoring the verbal and video reports transmitted by the first diver. In the areas that are of high risk with long tethers is sent to perform the inspection.

The offshore construction business is rapidly growing. It’s astonishing how these massive structures are erected in the middle of the sea, rivers, or lakes. These infrastructures can include dams, bridges, pipelines, oil refineries, etc. Each one built for a significant purpose that helps us get resources like electricity, oil, etc.

Tremendous money, time, and efforts go by to build these offshore structures. And so, it becomes increasingly important to ensure that these structures remain intact for long periods of time. Just like any other form of construction, regular checks and inspections are imperative so as to confirm the integrity of these water-based structures. These inspections are necessary for the continued and smooth operation of such infrastructures. Unlike other forms of construction, there is a unique challenge to offshore structures, inspections of the parts that are underwater.

With their expertise of certified and professionally trained commercial divers, the status of the underwater part of these structures is confirmed. With this analysis, further actionable regarding maintenance and repair is decided.

Once the inspections are carried out, communicating the precise results is the most critical job. The crew foreman and the rest of the team have to analyze the observations by understanding the inspection records. While the inspection is happening, it should be made sure that no detail is missed, the third crew person receiving inputs from the foreman should be very thorough. After the inspection, the results are articulated in the form of a detailed report. A technical writer creates this consolidated document to throw light on all observations, helping the structure owner take a call on further steps.
Much like a person going for regular check-ups to stay in good health, even underwater structures need regular inspections. Not only will these inspections ensure a long-lasting structure but will also act as a preventive measure to any catastrophic event. So ensure you do not delay or miss out on any vital underwater inspection. Alphard Maritime has the best commercial diving team to carry out your Underwater Inspections. Get in touch with us today!


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